Quidditch Nederland could not exist without volunteers. Through this page we would like to put all volunteers in the spotlight. Thank you all for your contribution to quidditch in the Netherlands! 

Would you also like to help out Quidditch Nederland? Take a look at our vacancies or send an email to bestuur@quidditchnederland.nl! 

National Team

Coaching team

This six-member team is committed to creating the best Team The Netherlands we’ve had so far! The team will compete at the IQA World Cup in 2021. Would you like to read more about our national Team, the Flying Dutchmen? Click here!

Funding team

To fund the trip to the IQA World Cup, which will take place in Richmond (VA) in the United States in 2021, this team of four is committed to raising money for the team.


Referees, snitch runners, first aiders, time- and scorekeepers and everyone who helps out a local team: many thanks to you too!