Volunteers can be appointed by the board at any moment. Below you can find a list of possible positions.

Open Dutch Summer Cup

Do you want to help organise The Netherlands’ best summer tournament? Send your motivation email to!
The following positions are open:
– Tournament Director
– Assistant tournament director
– Director of the game
– Public relations
– Treasurer
– Volunteer / First Aid coordinator
– Director of hospitality
– Kitchen manager

The application deadline is 10 February 2020 at 23.59h.

National team

Head coach
The head coach is, together with the assistant coach(es), responsible for the practices, tactics and the selection of the team. The head coach is preferably non-playing.

Assistent coach
The assistant coach is, together with the head coach, responsible for the practices, tactics and the selection of the team. The assistent coach(es) are preferably non-playing.

The trainer is, together with the coaches, responsible for the content of the practices. Besides that the trainer supports the coaches by providing practices.

Selection committee (at least 2 people)
The selection committee helps scout new players and integrate them and decides, in collaboration with the coaches, who will be invited to participate in the training sessions. In addition, the selection committee helps to determine the final selection.

– Logistics
The logistics manager bears responsibility for all kinds of practical matters concerning the national team: training locations, accommodation during tournaments and training weekends, communication with players and tournament staff, etc.
– Fundraising and PR
The fundraising and PR manager is responsible for finding sponsors and other ways of fundraising. In collaboration with the QNL PR Director you approach different media.

Confidential advisor
The confidential adviser is responsible for taking care of, guiding and supporting players who encounter problems.

Photo credit: Juliane Schillinger

Auditing committee

The committee examinces the balance sheet and statement of income and expenses of Quidditch Nederland and reports its findings to the General Members Meeting.

Disciplinary committee

The disciplinary committee handles complaints about the conduct of (board) members.

General volunteer & more

Would you like to help within QNL, but don’t really know what you want to do? Send in an application as general volunteer!

Do you have a specific project in mind, but this is not mentioned in the fuctions above? Contact us about the possibilities via contact[at]