The Flying Dutchmen

Besides a variety of club teams the Netherlands also has a national quidditch team: the Flying Dutchmen.

The Flying Dutchmen first competed on the international stage in 2015, at the European Games in Sarteano (Italy). Since then, they’ve been present at international tournaments every year (European Games and World Cup alternate each year). In 2017 the team participated in an international friendly tournament in Odense (Denmark), where they managed to reach first place. This summer the IQA World Cup will take place in Virginia, Richmond (US).

The Flying Dutchmen are sponsored by Hank Green’s An Absolutely Remarkable Thing. 

Flying Dutchmen 2018 | Photo credit: Nick van Klaveren








2019/2020 season

Quidditch Nederland is looking for people to form the coaching staff of the Flying Dutchman in 2019/2020 season. The vacancies can be found here. 

The IQA World Cup will take place in Richmond, Virginia (United States) in the summer of 2020. In consultation with the coaching staff will be decided whether the team will participate in the tournament or not. However, there is a fair chance that the team will not be able to participate due to financial reasons. 

Previous results

Previous results will be published soon.