Here you will find an overview of useful information that has been collected by QNL. Have you found something that you think deserves a place on this list? Please send an email to bestuur[at]


Quaffle: The Baden MatchPoint volleybal, size 5 is used as a quaffle for official games within the Netherlands in the colours dark blue and white. This is also the American standard, as in a number of other countries. An alternative can be, for example, the Vetra Volleybal, size 5.

Bludgers: We use the Champions Sport Playground Ball, 8.5″ as bludgers. Other models can also be used for training, though we recommend using balls with a comparable size, as well as with textured grip. As an alternative, the German standard uses the Mikasa Official Rubber Dodgeball, 8.5″.

Mouthguards: Some of the best mouthgard models on the market are the SISU mouthguards. These are specifically designed to be able to speak, drink and breath easily whilst wearing the mouthguard. The 1.6 AERO model is generally enough for quidditch use, though if you find you encounter a lot of physical contact in the sport and want some extra protection, then the more expensive 2.4 MAX is an option.

Because mouthguards are cheaper with large orders, QNL sometimes buys a large stock of mouthguards. If you or your team are interested to join this group order, please send an email to bestuur[at] with the heading “SISU mouthguard interest”.


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Training materials and guides, by the IQA RDT (English)
10 tips for referees, by Niklas Müller (English) [Dutch translation coming soon]