QNL offers a different variety of memberships. Below you will find a short description of all the different options. Our complete, official membership policy you can find here.

Individual Membership

Registering for an individual membership will go through the teams starting this season. Teams can register their members online through the membership form.

Registering as an individual will cost 15 euros per season* and will be collected by your primary team. Besides the fact that you support the development of quidditch in the Netherlands, you will also have the following benefits:

  • Members can sign up for the selection of the Dutch national quidditch team.
  • Members can make a claim on different QNL funds, such as getting a first aid certificate.
  • Members have (through their team) a vote in the (annual) general meetings as well as several QNL decisions.
  • Members receive a discount on certification tests for referees.

Team membership

Do you play quidditch on a regular basis and do you want your team to participate in official matches on both national and international level? Then you have to make sure that your team is registered with QNL. It’s the responsibility of the team captain to make sure that a correct and current schedule is known with QNL.

The costs for a competitive team membership are 50 euros per team, every season*. For a developing team the costs are 10 euros. The details differences between competitive and developing teams are available here in the membership policy. The costs for the team membership are independent from the individual membership and the amount of members in your team. The team captain can register for a team membership by filling in the Team Membership Form and e-mail it to the membership director, Max van Veen, through

Advantaged of a team membership:

  • A registered team can participate in all official national matches.
  • A registered competitive team can qualify itself for international competitions
  • A registered team can apply to host events
  • A registered team can always count on help from QNL (such as ordering or putting together materials, organising events, etc)
  • A registered team is represented through QNL within Quidditch Europe and the IQA

*A membership is entered into for the duration of one season. The QNL-season runs from 1 August through 31 July in the following year. If you become a member halfway through the season, it means your membership runs from then till the end of that specific season. You will pay for a full season no matter what.