Promotion Fund

Dutch teams can claim from the Promotion Fund of Quidditch Nederland. This fund is intended to support teams financially to be able to participate in important promotional events, such as during introduction weeks for students.

Each team can claim the fund once per season. Quidditch Nederland grants up to 50% of costs, with a maximum of €50. More information about the Promotion Fund can be found here.

Fill in the next form and email it to to apply for the Promotion Fund:
Promotion Fund Application Form

First Aid Certification Fund

Members of Quidditch Nederland can apply to the First Aid Certification Fund. This fund is meant to offer members a financial compensation if they want to obtain a First Aid diploma and then volunteer at events.
Volunteers also aways receive a monetary volunteer compensation.

More information on the First Aid Certification Fund can be found here: First Aid Cerficitation Fund (EN)

Download the application form here: First Aid Certification Fund Application Form (EN)