Announcement EQCQ committee

The committee has been active for a few weeks already, so we felt it was finally time to announce who will be making the Dutch EQC qualifiers possible for you this season. We present to you our full board commitee:

Twan Elting – Tournament Director
Chula Bruggeling – Gameplay Director & Volunteer Coordinator
Joel Noah Vissenberg – PR Coordinator

See you on the pitch!

Kick-off new season 2017-2018

Say ‘snitch’! Yesterday we spend the day in Utrecht’s Park Transwijk to kick off the new quidditch season with about 40 people, which is almost half of all quidkids in the Netherlands! We are especially proud of the team in Eindhoven that just started their trainings a week ago, and hope to see all teams at friendlies again soon. A toast, to a spectacular season!

Photo credit: Bruggeling Quidditch Photography

National team to play at Harry Potter Festival in Odense, Denmark

The season has only just started and we’re kicking off with big news! We’re happy to announce that after their adventures at European Games in Norway, the Dutch national team has been invited to play at the Harry Potter Festival Odense in Odense, Denmark. Seven other national teams will also attend the event: Sweden, Ireland, Poland, Iceland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, and of course Denmark itself.

More information about the festival can be found on their facebook page (Danish).

Announcement new board 2017-2018


QNL is proud to announce our new board for the 2017-2018 season, including some old and new faces! We present to you:

Robin Mier – President (former Vice-President)
Chula Bruggeling – Vice-President (former President)
Twan Elting – Gameplay Director
Niels van der Wal – Treasurer
Annemieke Drost – Membership Director, Secretary
Joel Noah Vissenberg – PR Director

We’re looking forward to a productive season!

Dom Tower Dementors win spring competition 2017

After a series of games that stayed exciting until the very last minute, the Dom Tower Dementors from Utrecht arose on top, making them the winners of the spring halfseason of the QNL Dutch Quidditch League. The Dementors’ score ended with five won games, four of which outside of SWIM range. During these games they managed to catch the snitch four times, one of those resulting in a win during SWIM range. With both a strong defense and strong offense the Dementors have shown themselves all-rounders with star players in every situation.

Dom Tower Dementors celebrate their win | Photo Credit: Alexander Blass

Earlier this season the Dementors also managed to win the autumn halfseason, as well as the Dutch qualificationgames for the European Quidditch Cup.

Second place went to the North Sea Nargles from Amsterdam/Leiden, with five won games, three of them out of SWIM range, and five snitch catches. The Wageningen Werewolves became third, with newcomers Rotterdam Ravens ending fourth.