Flying Dutchmen step away from Facebook and Whatsapp

The 2019 Flying Dutchmen will not use the communication systems they have used for the past few years, Facebook and Whatsapp, but will instead move their communication towards Slack and Eventbot.

The leadership has chosen to look for alternatives after some players and people from the leadership themselves are not on Facebook (anymore), and after unclarity about the actual use of the Whatsappgroup. Therefore, there was a need for a communication system that could replace Whatsapp and Facebook, preferably with multiple distinct channels, with a good event planner for practices, and a way to easily share documents.

After looking around the clear best option was Slack. Slack has the distinct channels and has both an app for Android, IOS and Windows, but it also runs in browsers. That combined with Google Drive and the Google Drive bot that is featured in Slack meant most of the requirements we needed were being met.

The only requirement that was not being met by Slack alone was good way to replace the Facebook events, in such a way people knew when the practices where, could RSVP to the practices so that the coaches were aware of the attendance and could integrate with several calendar apps, like Google calendar. After trying several different bots there was only one bot that really satisfied all the needs and requirements, which was Eventbot.

Eventbot is a free app that has upgrade subscriptions based on everyone’s needs. The free version allows the Flying Dutchmen pretty much everything they needed for their team, however the free version is limited to 20 users, which was too small. However, their “Team” plan (which is normally $10 per month, or $5 for non-profit and educational groups) allows for 60 users, and also allows the import of an external calendar, visual representations of calendars, the scheduling of recurring events, the ability to send events to external apps like Google Calendar and even a personalized RSVP button. This makes this plan more than worth it’s small price

Eventbot will allow the Flying Dutchmen to train more efficiently, by telling the coaches who is going to be there. It will allow the players to find the details of all the training-dates more easily, while also making it easier to update their attendance and also giving them an easy way of justifying any absences. It will also allow the coaching staff to easily see who has attended what training, and it will allow the team managers to more easily communicate changes in the schedule with the entire team. This switch is the first step in getting all the communication in one place, therefore decreasing the possibility of miscommunication that has happened in the past. Eventbot will help us leave Facebook behind us while we switch to professional communication systems instead of social ones with too much distraction.

This article was written in collaboration with Eventbot, for which we received a discount.
We the Flying Dutchmen would like to thank Eventbot for their support this year.