About us

Quidditch Nederland (QNL) is a non profit organisation that functions as a national sports federation of the sport Quidditch in the Netherlands. Quidditch is a fast paced and competitive sport, both mixed gender and full contact. It’s easiest described as a combination between rugby, handball and dodgeball. The sport is played by thousands of people all over the world. (For more info about the sport you can check the Quidditch page).

QNL’s main goal is the development and advancement of Quidditch in the Netherlands by offering support and information to its members, the official sub-associations and quidditch players, and promoting the sport in general within the Netherlands.

In addition, QNL is responsible for the organization of tournaments and competition in the Netherlands (such as the Dutch Quidditch Cup and Dutch Quidditch League), the communication with the national sport federations of quidditch in other countries, and the communication with international organizations such as the International Quidditch Association (IQA).

Organization structure

The organizational structure of QNL can be divided in two ways. The first is the difference in job type: board members and volunteers.

QNL can, however, also be divided up by function: the secretariat and the various departments.

The secretariat consists of the chairman, vice-chairman, treasurer, and secretary.

The Gameplay department consists of the Gameplay Director, and volunteers who are responsible for matters such as referees, snitches, contests, and the national team.

The Membership Department consists of the Membership Director, and volunteers who are responsible for matters such as expansion.

The Public Relations department consists of the PR Director, and volunteers responsible for matters such as the website, social media, contact with the media, and merchandise & marketing.

The chairman, vice-chairman, treasurer, Gameplay Director, Membership Director, and PR Director together form the QNL board. They are elected by the QNL members each season during the General Members’ Meeting.

Volunteers can be appointed by the board at any time, unless otherwise stated in regulations.

Furthermore, either the board or the general members’ meeting can decide to set up temporary or full-time committees, which take on specific tasks. Examples include commissions that take on the organization of a tournament.