QNL organises First Aid courses with Dutch Red Cross

If there is sufficient interest, Quidditch Nederland will be organising First Aid courses at the Dutch Red Cross.

The course contains a standard first aid part and a part that focuses on sports injuries. After passing the course you will receive a certificate that is valid throughout Europe (European First Aid Certificate). The course consists of an online (+/- 8 hours) and a classroom part (+/- 6 hours). The classroom part will take place in Utrecht, in groups of six (if the corona measures allow this).

The cost of the course is € 125. Many (additional) health insurance policies reimburse (part of) the course. We also have a first aid certification fund, to which one person per team can claim. For more information about this fund, click here.

The courses will take place on 11th, 18th and 25th of April. Only a few spots are left (two on the 11th and 18th, one on the 25th of April), so be quick to reserve your spot if you want to join! You can sign up for the course by emailing to financien@quidditchnederland.nl.

The courses are given in Dutch.