Rulebook update

From 2021 onwards, national and international matches will be played under the new rulebook: IQA Rulebook 2020. It is important that we have enough referees to run our competion succesfully, so we can use your help!

Quidditch referees exist at three levels: assistant referee (AR), snitch referee (SR) and head referee (HR). From this season, it is mandatory to obtain the AR certificate before you can obtain the SR certificate. To become a head referee, you must have obtained both an assistant referee and a snitch referee certificate. In addition, it is now also mandatory for head referees to pass a test for time and score keeping.

Have you not been certified before and do you want to become a referee this season? Then sign up at the IQA Referee Hub and create an account. Tests for AR and SR are free, but the HR test is not. However, you will earn that investment back in no time; our referees receive a volunteer contribution for each match!

Were you already certified under the previous rulebook? In that case it is possible to request a recertification test! You’ll have the option of taking a single test to become certified at the same or lower level. If you want to obtain a higher level, you’ll have to do an extra test afterwards. You can request the recertification test through this link. If you obtain a recertification as a head referee, you do not have to take a scorekeeper/timekeeper test.
The recertification tests focus mainly on the changes between the old and the new rulebook, an overview of the changes can be found here. Those who take the initial certification tests, will get 6 attempts at each certification. Those who take the recertification tests, will get 3 attempts at each level and if they fail all 3, they will be granted 3 attempts at each of the initial certification tests.

Snitches are not required to obtain certification in The Netherlands, but we do encourage this. At internation tournaments, certification sometimes provides a higher rewards compared to uncertified snitches.

Tomorrow evening, Nov 21 at 22u (Dutch time), the IQA will hold a referee training session on their youtube channel. These sessions will be organized more frequently throughout the year. They are not mandatory, but may be required for future recertification testing.

A competitive team is required to have at least 1 certified head referee, 3 certified assistant referees, 1 certified snitch referee and 1 snitch in order to enter our competition.

Happy testing!

Photo credit: Jeroen Alkema