Quidditch Nederland can always use some extra help. Have a look below or contact us via email for the possibilities.


Volunteers can be appointed by the board at any moment, unless stated otherwise in a regulation. Below you will find a list of possible positions, but if you have an idea yourself you are very welcome to contact us as well!

Are you interested in a volunteer position? Send an application email with your motivation and relevant experience to


Do you have a strong opinion about the course of events in Quidditch Nederland? Do you want to improve and expand quidditch in the Netherlands? Then a position on the board might be something for you!
The application deadline for a board position is 14 August.

As president of Quidditch Nederland you are responsible for the day-to-day functioning of the organization. You lead the board and chair board meetings and General Meetings. You supervise the execution of tasks and delegate new tasks or tasks that fall outside the standard range of tasks to the board members. When necessary, you support board members in carrying out their duties.

The president acts as a point of contact for the members of Quidditch Nederland. Therefore it is useful if you are actively involved within quidditch in the Nederlands. You will also represent the Netherlands internationally.

We are looking for someone who can work well with others and has leadership qualities. You can keep an overview, have good communication skills and you dare to take initiative. You should be able to make yourself understood in both Dutch and English.

As president you spend about 3-5 hours a week on carrying out your tasks.

Vice President
The vice president is the face of Quidditch Nederland in the field of international quidditch: you participate in meetings of Quidditch Europe and International Quidditch Association on behalf of QNL (2-4 times a year). You also participate in the online communication channels and keep in touch via slack and e-mail. It is your job to take the wishes of the Dutch community into account when making international decisions.
Finally, as vice president you take on the tasks of the chairman, if he is not present.

For this position, it is essential that you are proficient in English. You will need about 0,5-2 per week to fulfill your tasks.

As secretary, your main tasks are to keep the membership administration and the mailbox of Quidditch Nederland up to date. In addition, you take minutes during Board and General Meetings and you are responsible for the (email) inbox and archive of Quidditch Nederland. You are also an important connection point between the board and the community.

Are you precise, social and can you process information quickly? Then the secretaryship might be something for you!

You spend about 1-4 hours per week performing your tasks.

A good command of both the Dutch and English language is essential for this position. You spend about 0.5-2 hours a week performing your tasks.

The treasurer takes care of all money matters of Quidditch Nederland. You are responsible for making payments and maintaining the cash register. At the beginning of the season you make a budget and you round off the financial year with an annual report. In addition, you check the finances of the various (tournament) committees , and you help their treasurers where necessary.

You are the point of contact for members when it comes to subsidies.

As a treasurer you work meticulously and you have an eye for detail. It is an advantage if you have experience with Excel or accounting programs. You spend about 1-5 hours per week performing your tasks.

Gameplay Director
The Gameplay Director is in charge of the organization of the various league days, e.g. you make the game schedule and ensure that there are enough referees. You also check whether the work within the various tournament committees (NK/EQC qualifier, Open Dutch Summer Cup) is going well.
It will take you about three hours to complete your weekly tasks.

PR Director
As PR Director you are involved in promotion and spreading information. Your tasks consist of maintaining the social media channels and website of Quidditch Nederland. You create the content yourself, sometimes in collaboration with other board members or a content committee. In addition, especially around events, you are involved in writing to and speaking to the press. You coordinate the press spokesperson (if present).

You are a point of contact for teams with questions about their own PR and offer help where necessary.

It is useful if you have experience with different social media (Facebook, Instagram), but this is not a requirement. It is essential that you are proficient in both Dutch and English. You’ll need to spend about 3-4 hours per week on your board position.

National Team

The application deadline for the national team is 31 July.

Coaching staff

Head coach
As head coach you are in charge of all NT staff. You decide, together with your fellow staff members, which players can play for the Flying Dutchmen and which tactics are played. You lead the team during training sessions.
Preference is given to a non-playing head coach.

Assistant coach
Assistant coaches support the head coach in their tasks. You help them make decisions and lead training. Do you have a certain expertise (eg beaten, seeken, fitness, analysis, etc.)? As an assistant coach you can focus on this specific part of the coaching.
Multiple assistant coaches can be hired. The hiring of assistant coaches is done in consultation with the head coach.

Vacancies for additional positions can be opened in consultation with the head coach.

Management staff

Logistics manager
As a logistics manager of the national team, you are responsible for all kinds of practical matters, including arranging accommodation for the team. You are also an important link in communication with the organization of the tournament.

Funding team
The funding team is committed to raising money to pay for participation in the tournament.

General volunteer & more

Would you like to help within QNL, but don’t really know what you want to do? Send in an application as general volunteer!

Do you have a specific project in mind, but this is not mentioned in the fuctions above? Contact us about the possibilities via