Nederlands Kampioenschap Quidditch

The 2019 Dutch Championship, in Dutch called Nederlands Kampioenschap Quidditch (NKQ), will take place on the 16th and 17th of November in sportpark Zuilen, Utrecht. The outcome of the tournament will decide which team may call themselves Dutch Champions, and which team(s) will get a ticket to European Quidditch Cup (EQC).

Volunteer sign-up

Want to help make the tournament a success? Sign yourself up for a volunteer position! Participating teams will be required to have a certain number of volunteers, details will be announced later.

Volunteer sign-up:

Gameplay format

The tournament will be played according to a round robin format on day 1, followed by a double elimination system on day 2. 
On Saturday, each team will play every other team once. The ranking after day 1 will decide the seeding for day 2.

Participating teams:
– Chaos Chimaeras
– Rotterdam Ravens
– Twentse Thestrals
– Wageningen Werewolves

Double elimination bracket: day 2

The tournament schedule can find here.

1. Wins
2. Head to head
3. Wins out of SWIM
4. Point Differential
5. Lowest amount of straight red cards
6. Lowest amount of yellow cards
7. Rock, Paper, Scissors (best of three)