Flying Dutchmen want to go to World Cup

Dutch national quidditch team, The Flying Dutchmen, wants to go to World Cup! The tournament, which was supposed to take place this year, has been postponed to next year due to the corona virus outbreak. The Netherlands would not have send a team to the US this year, due to a lack of funds and the high costs associated with participating in the tournament.

Now that the tournament has been postponed by a year, we will use this extra time to raise money for the team. We hope to participate in the world championships in 2021 after all.

Our funding team is already working hard to make this dream come true. Do you want to help achieve our goal? Make sure you keep an eye on our social media and website to see how you can support the team!
Would you like to be part of the funding team or make a proposal to support us (financially)? Please contact us at

World Cup will take place in Richmond, VA (US) from 31 July- 1 August 2021.

Information on becoming part of The Flying Dutchmen will follow soon.

Photo credit: Juliane Schillinger